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Advisory Board

Developing a project such as this would not be possible without the special skills of many capable and talented individuals from a diverse social, economic, ethnic, academic, business and technical background.  This group provides editorial guidance and contributes to the strategic initiatives related to the site's content and mission.

  • Kenan Branam, President of Paradigm Communications, Inc. Media Consultant. Board for Directors for the Media Communications Association-International. Kenan@Branam.com
  • Joyce J. McEwing,  Assistant Professor, Dept. of English, Foreign Languages, & Reading, Texas Southern University, Houston, Texas.  713-313-7653
  • Frank Gomez,  Senior Consultant, Fidelity Trust Mortgage Services, Houston, Texas.  Phone: 713-270-0100   fgomez@aol.com
  • Martina S. Edebor, Senior Marketing Consultant, Seone Communications  marketing@seonecom.com
  • Dr. Sannie Reagan,  Research Associate, General University Academic Center, Texas Southern University, Houston, Texas.  Phone: 713-313-7462
  • Art Kings Okuns,  Investment Consultant, Capital Management Services, Costa Mesa, California.  Phone:  714-757-6541
  • Dr. Louis Brown,  Chair, Department of Communications, Texas Southern University, Houston, Texas

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