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Business Name: Advance Communications System
Address:  10039 Bissonnet, Suite 283
City: Houston     State: Texas 77036    Country: USA
Phone: 713-270-1718    Fax: 
Business Name: All Igwilos Holding Associated Industries
Address:  6450 Dryad Dr.
City: Houston    State: Texas 77035    Country: USA
Phone:     Fax: 
Business Name:  Callnet Communications Inc.
Address:  2302 Gus Thomasson Rd., Suite 104
City: Dallas    State: Texas 75228    Country: USA
Phone: 214-320-8900    Fax: 
Business Name:  East West International
Address:  5810 Hillcroft
City: Houston    State: Texas 77036    Country: USA
Phone: 713-789-6611    Fax:  713-789-6662
Business Name:  Global Electro-Comm International Inc.
Address:  5700 LBJ Freeway, Suite 420
City: Dallas    State: Texas 75240    Country: USA
Phone: 972-387-7860    Fax:  972-387-8505
Business Name:  Prolink Paging Systems
Address:  11000 Fondren Suite C-I
City: Houston     State: Texas 77096    Country: USA
Phone: 713-777-5558    Fax:  713-777-5252
Business Name:  Quality Communications Accessories
Address:  9301 Bissonnet, Suite 162
City: Houston    State: Texas 77074    Country: USA
Phone:     Fax: 
Business Name: Spy Emporium
Address:  6065 Hillcroft, Suite 413
City: Houston    State: Texas    77081 Country: USA
Phone: 713-774-1000    Fax:  713-774-6222
Business Name:  TLC Paging & Cellular
Address:  11450 Bissonnet, Suite 301
City: Houston    State: Texas 77099    Country: USA
Phone: 281-495-1522    Fax:  281-495-1011
Business Name:  Vestromed (Int'l) Supply
Address:  12345 Bob White, Suite 1402
City: Houston    State: Texas 77035    Country: USA
Phone: 713-723-9066    Fax: 

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