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Business Name:  Adel's International Foods
Address:  "The Market" 6329 Old Branch Ave.,
City:  Camp Spring    State:  MD 20748    Country: USA
Phone:  301-433-0833    Fax: 
Business Name:  African Food Distributors
Address:  1268 Produce Road
City:  Los Angeles    State:  CA 90021    Country: USA
Phone:  213-683-1444    Fax: 
Business Name:  African Food Store
Address:  11332 Fondren Road
City:  Houston    State:  Texas 77035    Country: USA
Phone:  713-728-8308    Fax: 
Business Name:  African Food Wholesale Club
Address:  8394-K Terminal Rd.
City:  Newington    State:  VA 22039    Country: USA
Phone:  703-339-7833    Fax: 703-339-7820
Business Name:  African Market
Address:  Bronx Terminal Market Store #48A
City:  Bronx    State:  New York 10457    Country: USA
Phone:  718-1665-6524    Fax: 
Business Name:  African Village Market
Address:  10217 Club Creek
City:  Houston    State:  Texas 77036    Country: USA
Phone:  713-541-1060    Fax: 
Business Name:  Afrikan Food
Address:  13313 Fondren Rd.
City:  Houston    State:  Texas 77085    Country: USA
Phone:  713-721-4047    Fax:  713-721-4047
Business Name:  All Tropical Foods
Address:  2115 Bissonnet Road
City:  Houston    State:  Texas 77099    Country: USA
Phone:  281-564-4300    Fax:  281-564-4848
Business Name:  Austin International Market
Address:  502 Pampa Drive
City:  Austin    State:  Texas 78752    Country: USA
Phone:  512-453-5487    Fax:  512-453-5487
Business Name:  CKC African Food Store & Groceries
Address:  9924 S. Gessner
City:  Houston    State:  Texas 77071    Country: USA
Phone:  713-779-7274    Fax: 713-779-6340
Business Name:  College Grocery & Deli
Address:  3721 Simpson Stuart Rd.
City:  Dallas    State:  Texas 75241    Country: USA
Phone:  214-371-2001    Fax: 
Business Name:  Enjels African Food Store
Address:  5855 S. Gessner @ Harwin
City:  Houston    State:  Texas 77036    Country: USA
Phone:  713-789-1323    Fax: 
Business Name:  Fairfax International Food Market
Address:  11211-F Lee Highway (Rte. 29)
City:  Fairfax     State:  VA 22030    Country: USA
Phone:  703-359-5992    Fax: 
Business Name:  Flo Tropical Foods
Address:  1652 Sibley Blvd.,
City: Calumet Citynbsp;   State:  IL 60609     Country: USA
Phone:  708-891-3661     Fax: 
Business Name:  Fresh N Tender Goatmeat - Wholesale
Address:  747 S. Floyd Rd
City:  Richardson    State:  Texas 75080    Country: USA
Phone:  972-644-0500    Fax: 972-238-0432
Business Name:  Glory of God Discount African & Caribbean Food Store
Address:  12719-A Bissonnet
City:  Houston    State:  TX 77075    Country: USA
Phone:  281-498-7747    Fax: 281-988-9029
Business Name:  Grauwyler Food Market
Address:  2216 W. Grauwyler
City:  Irving    State:  Texas 75061    Country: USA
Phone:  972-986-5855    Fax: 
Business Name:  G V M Carib Enterprises, Inc
Address:  10 Maurepas Lane
City:  New Orleans    State:  Louisiana 70065    Country: USA
Phone:  504-461-9918    Fax: 
Business Name:  Hans' Farms
Address:  289 Woodville Road
City:  Englishtown    State:  New Jersey 07726    Country: USA
Phone:  732-446-4188    Fax: 
Business Name:  Homefood Market
Address:  2739 W. Northwest Hwy.
City:  Dallas    State:  Texas 75220    Country: USA
Phone:  214-357-8661    Fax: 
Business Name:  Ideal Poultry Products Inc.
Address:  10538 Belknap Rd
City:  Houston    State:  Texas 77478    Country: USA
Phone:  281-242-8686    Fax: 
Business Name:  Inter. Dom. Grocery
Address:  8361 Park Lane
City:  Dallas    State:  Texas 75231    Country: USA
Phone:  214-368-3398    Fax: 
Business Name:  Iroko International Food Store
Address:  11114 Baltimore Avenue
City:  Beltville     State:  MD 20705    Country: USA
Phone:  713-301595-2757    Fax:  301-595-2833
Business Name:  J&B African Market
Address:  10327 3rd Ave S.
City:  Seattle    State:  WA  98168    Country: USA
Phone:  206-915-5178    Fax: 775-361-4565
Business Name:  Kingsway Meatpie, Donut & Bakery
Address:  8035 West Airport, Suite 116
City:  Houston    State:  Texas 77071    Country: USA
Phone:  713-557-9152    Fax: 713-729-0275
Business Name: Kladco International Foods
Address:  9579 Country Creek @ Bissonnet
City:  Houston    State: Texas 77036    Country: USA
Phone:  713-779-7105     Fax: 
Business Name:  Koshy's Indian Grocery
Address:  11115 S. Post Oak
City:  Houston    State:  Texas 77035    Country: USA
Phone:  713-728-8888    Fax: 
Business Name: LaRuche Imports, Inc.
Address:  9314 Summerbell Lane
City:  Houston    State: Texas 77074    Country: USA
Phone:  713-995-9090     Fax: 713-995-5050
Business Name:  Makola African Groceries Imports
Address:  10814 Gessner (Between West Bellfort & Braeswood)
City:  Houston     State:  Texas 77071    Country: USA
Phone:  713-993-4343    Fax: 
Business Name:  Maru Grocery
Address:  8353 Park lane
City:  Dallas    State:  Texas 75231    Country: USA
Phone:  214-373-6278    Fax: 
Business Name:  Mex American Caribbean Foods
Address:  9819 Bissonnet, Suite L
City:  Houston     State:  Texas 77036    Country: USA
Phone:  713-779-4444    Fax: 
Business Name:  Mimi Worldwide Foods Inc.
Address:  P. O. Box 36829
City:  Houston     State:  Texas 77236    Country: USA
Phone:  713-686-6464    Fax: 
Business Name: N & B Food Store
Address:  2302 South Main, Suite L
City:  Stafford    State: Texas 77477     Country: USA
Phone:  281-261-1129     Fax: 
Business Name:  Neighborhood MiniMart
Address:  7708 Ferguson Road
City:  Dallas    State:  Texas 75228    Country: USA
Phone:  214-328-9964    Fax:  214-328-9965
Business Name:  Obeng International Wholesale
Address:  300 Morse Street, N. E.
City:  Washington    State:  D.C. 20002    Country: USA
Phone:  202-544-8255    Fax: 
Business Name:  Old World Market
Address:  5129 N. Broadway
City: Chicago    State:  IL 60640     Country: USA
Phone:  773-989-4440     Fax:  773-989-8058
Business Name:  Payless African Food Store
Address:  9301 Bissonnet, Suite 170
City:  Houston    State:  Texas 77074    Country: USA
Phone:  713-642-1015    Fax:  281-568-0033
Business Name:  Quality African Food Store
Address:  9725 Bissonnet, Suite D-3
City:  Houston    State:  Texas 77036    Country: USA
Phone:  713-270-8777    Fax: 
Business Name:  Rogers Park Fruit Market
Address:  7401 N. Clark Street
City: Chicago    State:  IL 60626     Country: USA
Phone:  773-262-3663     Fax:  773-262-5317
Business Name:  7-Day Food Store
Address:  8003 Ferguson Rd   
City:  Dallas    State:  Texas 75228    Country: USA
Phone:  214-319-9870    Fax:  214-319-9872
Business Name:  Tedkem African/Caribean Groceries
Address:  14619 Beechnut, Suite A
City:  Houston    State:  Texas 77083    Country: USA
Phone:  281-988-6639    Fax:  281-988-6639
Business Name:  The African Market
Address:  960 US Highway 9 South
City:  Sayreville    State:  New Jersey 08879    Country: USA
Phone:  732-525-0100    Fax:  732-819-7254
Business Name:  Tropical Food Market, Inc
Address:  7001 Fair Oaks @ Park Lane
City:  Dallas    State:  Texas 75231    Country: USA
Phone:  214-696-2990    Fax:  214-696-0403
Business Name:  Unick Market
Address:  3140 Oradell lane
City:  Dallas    State:  Texas 75220    Country: USA
Phone:  214-352-7838    Fax:  214-357-3189
Business Name:  Unity Food Import
Address:  8462 South Commercial Ave.,
City: Chicago    State:  IL 60617     Country: USA
Phone:  773-375-0800     Fax:  773-375-5317
Business Name: Vinos Pizza
Address:  6115 Wilcrest @ Harwin
City:  Houston    State:  Texas 77072    Country: USA
Phone:  281-495-8500    Fax: 
Business Name: Williams Chicken
Address:  1021 E. Pioneer Pkwy
City:  Arlington    State: Texas 770061     Country: USA
Phone:  817-801-7840     Fax: 
Business Name: Zenell Deli
Address:  6420 Hillcroft, #319
City:  Houston    State: Texas 77081     Country: USA
Phone:  713-866-0785     Fax: 713-270-5461

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