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Business Name:  Amel's Hair Service
Address:  6425 Bankside #2102
City: Houston     State: Texas 77096     Country: USA
Phone: 713-776-3895     Fax: 
Business Name:  Braid Experts
Address:  11384 Fondren
City: Houston     State: Texas 77035     Country: USA
Phone: 713-723-2233     Fax: 
Business Name:  Braids Place
Address:  10101 S. Gessner
City: Houston     State: Texas 77071     Country: USA
Phone: 713- 776-9018     Fax: 
Business Name:  Bridget Allen Hair Stylist
Address:  2515 Riverside Drive
City: Houston     State: Texas 77004     Country: USA
Phone: 713 731-1203     Fax: 
Business Name:  Classique Hair Design
Address:  9681 Bissonnet
City: Houston     State: Texas 77036     Country: USA
Phone: 713-270-8533     Fax: 
Business Name:  Deluxe Hair Studio
Address:  7768 West Bellfort
City: Houston     State: Texas 77071    Country: USA
Phone: 713-541-3005    Fax: 713-541-3232
Business Name:  Domestic & Foreign Beauty Supply
Address:  10284 Form West Drive
City: Houston     State: Texas 77036    Country: USA
Phone: 713-270-6826    Fax: 713-270-1080
Business Name: Esterica Beauty Salon
Address:  12755 S. Dairy Ashford @ West Bellfort
City: Houston     State: Texas 77099    Country: USA
Phone: 281-495-3477    Fax: 
Business Name:  Fanta African Hair Braiding
Address:  9501 Beechnut #1211   
City:  Texas 77036    Country: USA
Phone: 713-541-2675    Fax: 
Business Name:  Fedd Beauty Salon
Address:  12419 Bissonnet   
City:  Texas 77099    Country: USA
Phone: 713-564-7277    Fax: 
Business Name:  G. Girl Beauty Suppy/African Hair Braiding
Address:  7721 West Bellfort   
City:  Texas 77071    Country: USA
Phone: 713-283-8722    Fax: 
Business Name:  Galaxy Hair Creations
Address:  12450 Bissonnet   
City:  Texas 77099    Country: USA
Phone: 281-879-5530    Fax: 
Business Name:  Golden Eagles of Mary Kay Cosmetics
Address:  10103 Fondren, Suite 162
City:  Texas 77096    Country: USA
Phone: 713-715-0443    Fax: 713-272-7007
Business Name: Hair Perfection Studio
Address:  12341 Fondren (In the Kroger Shopping Center)
City: Houston    State: Texas 77035    Country: USA
Phone: 713-723-1390    Fax: 
Business Name: Hair World
Address:  8600 West Airport, #B
City: Houston    State: Texas 77071    Country: USA
Phone: 713-774-8600    Fax: 713-721-5858
Business Name:  Impulse Beauty Supply
Address:  10022 Bissonnet St.
City: Houston     State: Texas 77036    Country: USA
Phone: 713-981-4418    Fax: 713-988-2510
Business Name:  J. Libra Beauty Supply
Address:  3419 W. Walnut St., #108
City: Garland     State: Texas 77042    Country: USA
Phone: 972-494-5770    Fax: 
Business Name:  Kay Beauty Supply & Fashion
Address:  7337 Synott Road
City: Houston     State: Texas 77083    Country: USA
Phone: 281-498-6785    Fax: 
Business Name:  Lynn Beauty Productions
Address:  6105 Wilcrest @ Harwin
City: Houston     State: Texas 77072    Country: USA
Phone: 281-933-3533    Fax: 281-859-8996
Business Name:  New Profile Beauty & Barber
Address:  7850 Highway 6 South
City: Houston     State: Texas 77083    Country: USA
Phone: 281-495-6229    Fax: 
Business Name:  Nique's Hair Studio
Address:  9700 Club Creek
City: Houston     State: Texas 77036    Country: USA
Phone: 713-777-0334    Fax: 
Business Name: Omololu International
Address:  257 E. Georgia Av.
City: Memphis    State: TN 38126    Country: USA
Phone: 901-543-0330    Fax: 
Business Name:  Park Saloon & Supply
Address:  7001 Fair Oaks Ave., Suite 524
City: Dallas    State: Texas 75231    Country: USA
Phone: 214-361-5006    Fax: 
Business Name:  Raven Hair Design
Address:  9769 Beechnut @ Club Creek
City: Houston    State: Texas 77036    Country: USA
Phone: 713-771-3362    Fax: 
Business Name:  Regenia's Hair Salon
Address:  9420 Jensen
City: Houston    State: Texas 77056    Country: USA
Phone: 713-278-9047    Fax: 
Business Name:  Rita's Hair & Nail Salon
Address:  1825 Fry Road
City: Katy     State: Texas 77450    Country: USA
Phone: 281-492-1201    Fax: 281-392-2364
Business Name:  S of S Beauty Salon & Party Rentals
Address:  8500 Cook Rd.; Suite D
City: Houston     State: Texas 77072    Country: USA
Phone: 281-530-8770    Fax: 
Business Name: S. V. P. Barber Shop
Address:  10101 Fondren, Suite 401
City: Houston     State: Texas 77096    Country: USA
Phone: 713-645-5982    Fax: 
Business Name:  Sage Beauty Salon
Address:  11214 Plainfield
City: Houston     State: Texas 77071    Country: USA
Phone: 713-541-3258    Fax: 
Business Name:  Sensuous Scents
Address:  2418 Paul Quinn
City: Houston     State: Texas 77091    Country: USA
Phone: 713-957-8867    Fax: 
Business Name:  Straight To The Point Productions
Address:  4702 Dowling
City: Houston     State: Texas 77004    Country: USA
Phone: 713-523-4423    Fax: 
Business Name:  The Dallas Barber & Stylist College
Address:  8224 Park Lane, Suite 120
City: Dallas     State: Texas 75231    Country: USA
Phone: 214-360-9570    Fax: 
Business Name:  Trend Barber College
Address:  7725 West Bellfort
City: Houston    State: Texas 77071    Country: USA
Phone: 713-721-0000    Fax: 
Business Name:  Viccas Beauty & 99cent Store
Address:  6815 S. Gessner
City: Houston    State: Texas 77036    Country: USA
Phone: 713-773-4618    Fax: 713 773-4746
Business Name:  Victoria Salon
Address:  13340 Audelia Road, Suite 104
City: Dallas    State: Texas 75243    Country: USA
Phone: 972-690-6464    Fax: 
Business Name:  Vogue Hair Salon
Address:  9405 S. Hwy. 6 @ Bissonnet
City: Houston    State: Texas     Country: USA
Phone: 281-530-2558    Fax: 

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