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Business Name: African Sound
Address:  6611 Bissonnet, Suite 104
City:  Houston     State: TX 77074     Country: USA
Phone: 713-988-8835     Fax: 
Business Name: Afro-Beat Videos & Recording Studios
Address:  1200 Clinton St.
City:  Nashville     State: TN 37203     Country: USA
Phone: 615-226-9302     Fax: 
Business Name: Mbaco's Music
Address:  212 W. Irving Blvd
City:  Irving
State: TX 75060     Country: USA
Phone: 72-253-0855     Fax: 972-253-1550
Business Name: Party Music Masters
Address:  P.O. Box 36797
City:  Houston     State: TX 77236     Country: USA
Phone: 713-797-1374     Fax: 
Business Name: Lions' Den Entertainment
Address:  12600 Bissonnet, Suite D-3
City:  Houston     State: TX 77099     Country: USA
Phone: 281-495-1355    Fax: 
Business Name: Prince World
Address:  8238 West Bellfort
City:  Houston     State: TX 77021     Country: USA
Phone: 713-771-1932     Fax: 713-771-0838
Business Name: Simba International Records
Address:  1333 Holton Lane
City:  Lanley Park     State: MD 20783     Country: USA
Phone: 301-445-1670     Fax: 713-771-0838
Business Name: U & I Records
Address:  9755 Beechnut
City:  Houston     State: TX 77036     Country: USA
Phone: 713-988-7140     Fax: 

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