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Business Name:  African Chamber of Commerce - Dallas, Forth Worth
Address:  P.O. Box 214663
City:  Dallas    State:  Texas 75221    Country: USA
Phone:  214-818-4113    Fax:  214-823-7666
Business Name:  African Chamber of Commerce - Houston
Address:  P. O. Box 36287
City:  Houston     State:  Texas 77236    Country: USA
Phone:  713-748-0781    Fax:  713-748-1212
Business Name:  African Christian Fellowship Inc.
Address:  8007 South Kirkwood
City:  Houston     State:  Texas 77072    Country: USA
Phone:  281-530-2300    Fax: 
Business Name:  African Community Organization
Address:  P.O. Box 36677
City:  Houston    State:  Texas 77274    Country: USA
Phone: 281-590-4ACO    Fax: 281-575-9796
Business Name:  African Cultural Exchange Inc.
Address:  P. O Box 88159
City:  Houston    State:  Texas 77288    Country: USA
Phone:  713-747-3350    Fax:  713-842-2221
Business Name:  African Heritage Society
Address:  P.O. Box 740906
City:  Houston    State:  Texas 77274    Country: USA
Phone:  281-564-3277    Fax: 
Business Name:  African Missionary Foundation
Address:  525 N. Sam Houston Pkwy, Suite 400
City:  Houston    State:  Texas 77060    Country: USA
Phone: 281-4447-3399     Fax:  281-447-3494
Business Name:  African Women Alliance, Inc.
Address:  14131 Berrington Dr.
City:  Houston    State:  Texas 77083    Country: USA
Phone: 281-933-6054     Fax:  713-222-9220
Business Name:  Ahiara Development Union USA
Address:  9888 Bissonnet, Suite 600-D
City:  Houston    State:  Texas 77036    Country: USA
Phone: 713-777-3770     Fax: 713-777-3770
Business Name:  Akwa Ibom State Association of Nigeria, U.S. A., Inc.
Address:  P.O. Box 740133
City:  Houston    State:  Texas 77274-0133    Country: USA
Phone: 281-496-9335     Fax:  281-496-9767
Business Name: Ansar-Ud-Deen Society of Nigeriam- Houston Branch
Address:  11300 Beechnut
City:  Houston    State:  Texas 77042    Country: USA
Phone:  281-933-2848    Fax: 
Business Name:  Bini International Union DFW.
Address:  10729 Audelia Rd, Suite 214
City:  Dallas    State:  Texas 75238    Country: USA
Phone:  214-340-2400    Fax:  214-340-2422
Business Name:  Black Alliance For AIDS Prevention
Address:  5719 Almeda Road
City: Houston    State: Texas 77004    Country: USA
Phone:  713-533-9000    Fax:  713-533-9002
Business Name:  Coalition of Concerned Africans, Inc.
Address:  P.O. Box 77124
City: Atlanta    State: GA 30357    Country: USA
Phone:  770-621-7700    Fax: 
Business Name:  Concerned Yoruba Committee - Houston
Address:  6430 Richmond Avenue, Suite 420
City: Houston    State: Texas 77057    Country: USA
Phone:  713-782-6982    Fax: 
Business Name:  Edo National Association in the Americas
Address:  367 Cumberland Street
City: Brooklyn    State: New York 11238    Country: USA
Phone:  718-230-5589    Fax: 
Business Name:  Egbe Obinrin Yoruba Ti Houston
Address:  12421 Sharpview
City: Houston    State: TX 77072    Country: USA
Phone:  281-564-55729    Fax:  281-568-3704
Business Name:  Eko Club, U.S.A. Inc.
Address:  7331 Harwin Drive, Suite 201
City: Houston     State: Texas 77036    Country: USA
Phone:  713-974-1816    Fax: 713-974-6565
Business Name:  Esan World Association, Inc.
Address:  11320 South Post Oak, Suite 3
City:  Houston    State:  Texas 77035    Country: USA
Phone:  800-571-0502    Fax:  713-726-9186
Business Name:  Ghana Association of Houston, Inc.
Address:  P.O. Box 741987
City:  Houston    State:  Texas 77274    Country: USA
Phone:  281-679-6424    Fax:  281-870-9479
Business Name:  Greater Owerri Club, Inc.
Address:  2315 Southwest Freeway, Suite 108
City:  Houston    State:  Texas 77098    Country: USA
Phone:  281-495-3742    Fax: 
Business Name: Honey Brown Hope Foundation
Address:  P.O. Box 1044
City:  Stafford     State:  Texas 77497    Country: USA
Phone:  281-499-7966    Fax: 281-261-9714
Business Name: Houston Liberian Community Association(HLCA)
Address:  11514 Perry Road
City:  Houston     State:  Texas 77064    Country: USA
Phone:  281-955-2621    Fax: 281-469-0555
Business Name:  Kebbi Women Empowerment & Poverty Alleviation Society
Address:  DG's Quarters
City:  Birnin-Kebbi    State:  Kebbi     Country: NIGERIA
Phone:  011-234-068-20654    Fax: 
Business Name:  Kuumba House Dance Theatre
Address:  P.O. Box 131214
City:  Houston    State:  Texas 77219-1214    Country: USA
Phone:  713-524-1079    Fax:  713-524-9170
Business Name:  Nedoghama, Inc.
Address:  11191 Westheimer, Suite 296
City:  Houston    State:  Texas 77042    Country: USA
Phone: 713-782-6163    Fax: 
Business Name:  Manyu Elements Cultural Association-USA (MECA-USA).
Address:  P.O Box 2104
City:  Bellaire    State:  Texas 77402    Country: USA
Phone: 713-778-0632    Fax: 
Business Name:  Nigerian American Forum (Houston Branch)
Address:  9898 Bissonnet, Suite 598
City:  Houston     State:  Texas 77036    Country: USA
Phone:  713-779-3553    Fax: 713-772-2361
Business Name:  Nigerian Muslim Organization
Address:  4019 Jackson Street
City:  Irving     State:  Texas 75061    Country: USA
Phone:  972-986-7126    Fax: 
Business Name: Ondo State Association USA, Inc.
Address:  6776 Southwest Freeway, Suite 325
City:  Houston     State:  Texas 77074    Country: USA
Phone:  713-532-2500    Fax: 713-532-2515
Business Name: Onitsha Ado Improvement Union, New York
Address:  P. O. Box 020922
City:  Brooklyn     State:  New York 11201-0922    Country: USA
Phone:  516-223-0818    Fax: 
Business Name: Orlu Regional Assembly
Address:  P.O. Box 772157
City:  Houston     State:  Texas 77272    Country: USA
Phone:  713-593-5239    Fax: 713-657-7218
Business Name: Owo Association (Houston Chapter)
Address:  1204 Harbor Town Drive
City:  Sugarland     State:  Texas 77478    Country: USA
Phone:  281-729-8382    Fax: 
Business Name: QUEST 2000
Address:  11735 South Glen, Suite 909
City:  Houston     State:  Texas 77099    Country: USA
Phone:  281-498-4847    Fax: 
Business Name:  Sierra Leone American Organization of Houston
Address:  2315 Southwest Freeway, Suite 108
City:  Houston    State:  Texas 77098    Country: USA
Phone:  713-524-2200    Fax:  713-524-5103
Business Name:  The HOPE Project
Address:  2017 Harlem Street
City:  Houston    State:  Texas 77020-4405    Country: USA
Phone:  713-533-9000    Fax:  713-674-3786
Business Name:  The Nigerian Foundation, Inc.
Address:  7171 Harwin, Suite 213
City:  Houston    State:  Texas 77036    Country: USA
Phone:  713-910-5873    Fax:  832-242-0620
Business Name:  The Urhobo National Association
Address:  48 Mary Day
City:  Pontiac    State:  Michigan 48341    Country: USA
Phone:  248-332-3329    Fax: 
Business Name:  Ugandan North American Association - Houston
Address:  City: Houston    State: Texas    Country: USA
Phone:  281-530-6585    Fax:  281-530-6830
Business Name:  Yoruba Omo Oduduwa, Inc. - Houston
Address:  P.O. Box 772507
City: Houston    State: Texas 77215    Country: USA
Phone: 281-575-0939     Fax: 
Business Name:  Zumunta Association Inc. - Houston Chapter
Address:  5645 Hillcroft, Suite 704
City: Houston    State: Texas 77036    Country: USA
Phone:  713-914-9432    Fax: 

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