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Business Name: Alpha Eyecare Associates
Address:  3115 West Loop South, Suite 9
City:  Houston    State:  Texas 77027    Country: USA
Phone:  713-627-0033    Fax:  713-627-0020
Business Name: Beechnut Primary Clinic
Address:  7474 Kirkwood, Suite 207
City:  Houston     State:  Texas 77072    Country: USA
Phone:  713-774-1500    Fax:  713-774-1529
Business Name: Bethsaida Medical Clinic
Address:  6633 Hillcroft, Suite 265
City:  Houston    State:  Texas 77081    Country: USA
Phone:  713-541-5400    Fax: 
Business Name: EyeSpot Ophthalmic Group
Address:  5078 Griggs Road
City:  Houston    State:  Texas 77021    Country: USA
Phone:  713-748-7768    Fax: 713-748-1212
Business Name: Fosbey Medical Center
Address:  4780 Beechnut
City:  Houston     State:  Texas 77096    Country: USA
Phone:  713-665-8092    Fax:  713-665-8156
Business Name: Houston Med Care
Address:  7100-A Clarewood
City:  Houston    State:  Texas 77036    Country: USA
Phone:  713-779-9200    Fax:  713-779-9207
Business Name: J .O .S Okeke, M.D.,
Address:  2715 Fannin
City:  Houston    State:  Texas 77002    Country: USA
Phone:  713-739-1368    Fax:  713 650-3550
Business Name: North Berkley Medical Clinic
Address:  1215 N. Beckley Ave.
City:  Dallas    State:  Texas 75203    Country: USA
Phone:  214-948-8080    Fax:  214-948-8082
Business Name: Primecare Medical Associates
Address:  7111 Harwin Drive, Suite 200
City:  Houston    State:  Texas 77036    Country: USA
Phone:  713-914-0055    Fax:  713-914-0077
Business Name: Quality Eye Care Clinics
Address:  8300 Homestead Rd.
City:  Houston    State:  Texas 77028    Country: USA
Phone:  713-433-6301 Fax: 
Business Name: Samuel C. Ngwu, MD
Address:  St. Paul's Professional Building, 5959 Harry Hines, Suite 820
City:  Dallas    State:  Texas 75235    Country: USA
Phone:  214-638-1773    Fax:  214-631-3561
Business Name: Seabrook Vision Center
Address:  2622 NASA Rd 1 Suite C
City:  Seabrook    State:  TX 77586    Country: USA
Phone:  281-326-9779     Fax:  281-532-2193

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